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Kjetil Krogstad

A leading explosion of creativity.

Experience an extraordinary combination of creativity and joy with Kjetil Krogstad, the charismatic leader known for his infectious enthusiasm. Through his lectures and out-of-the-box presentations, he inspires you to explore what creativity can do for you and your business.

About Kjetil Krogstad

The magic of dance and creative expression.

Kjetil Krogstad is an engaging leader, speaker, and sought-after joy-spreader. He has gained international recognition for his talent and his ability to spread positive energy through his creative expression and dance. He is known for his unique ability to combine dance, music, and creative ideas in an engaging and inspiring way.

Kjetil Krogstad has performed on various stages and events around the world, and his performances have inspired thousands of people to embrace the magic of dance and find joy in the moment. With his charisma and passion for living in the present, he has become a sought-after speaker, where he shares his knowledge and insights as a leader and colleague about how joy, dance, and creativity can enrich our lives.

Kjetil is referred to as "the crazy freedom you didn't know you needed," and to his massive following on social media, he spreads joy to the entire world. Here, we can guarantee that you will find inspiration for well-being and workplace joy, while also receiving concrete tips to enhance your reputation and make the workplace a more attractive place to work.

With his unique approach to life, Kjetil takes the audience on a journey where he explores the boundaries of what dance and joy can achieve. He uses his enthusiasm and creativity as tools for growth, innovation and transformation. Experience Kjetil Krogstad's engaging lectures and be inspired by his unique approach to his world.


Joy at work - Dare to be playful!

  • How can employee happiness actually have a direct impact on the bottom line of a company?
  • If everyone dares to be more playful and have fun at work, it can result in a fantastic work environment, which in turn can generate tangible results for both you as an individual and your company.
  • Kjetil guides you through a series of inspiring and useful tools to create increased well-being and employee happiness within the organization.
  • It's simply impossible not to be swept away by this energetic and inspiring speaker!

Positive Energy Boost: Experience an energetic and engaging lecture that fills the audience with positivity, inspiration, and a deeper understanding of how dance can enrich our lives.


Leadership Outside the Box

  • What can thinking outside the box do for you and your company?
  • Kjetil is known for taking new paths—and succeeding at it. Get concrete tips and tricks to stand out in the market, contribute to successful recruitment, and have employees who thrive.

Take part in an unforgettable experience with Kjetil Krogstad

Let yourself be inspired by joy and energy!

Take part in an unforgettable experience with Kjetil Krogstad - Explore the creative world of Kjetil Krogstad, where joy and dance come together in a magical symbiosis. With a background in leadership, organizational development, employment law, etc, and education in management, Kjetil shares his experiences about workplace joy and what thinking outside the box can do for you and your business. From employer branding and recruitment to marketing and brand building.


Social Media - How to Succeed?

  • From 350 to 350,000 followers in one year! How is it possible?
  • In this presentation, you'll receive insights on how to spend minimal time on social media for maximum impact.
  • What is it like to work with social media, and what opportunities does it create?
  • Gain inspiration, tips, and tricks on creating content and using social media intelligently.



Kjetil Krogstad is undoubtedly one of the most engaging and inspiring speakers I've had the pleasure of listening to. His unique ability to convey the message with passion and enthusiasm truly made me see life in a new light. After attending his lecture, I gained a whole new perspective on my own goals and dreams. Thank you, Kjetil, for helping me find the courage and inspiration to take the next step!

- Anna S.

Happiness Guru: Kjetil Krogstad has become known as the "happiness guru" due to his ability to spread positive energy and inspire people to find joy and happiness through dance and art.

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