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Again, think about "Kettle" and add a "J" after the "K". 

With hundreds of thousands of followers on social media Kjetils name has gotten well known outside of his home country Norway. But he is also a lot more that just a showman on social media. 

Kjetil is also a full time manager in a kindergarten in Norway. He is educated within leadership and management, law and kindergarten teacher. He was also the first kindergarten leader ever to qualify for the award "young leadership of the year" in 2018. 

He has held lectures within leadership, recruitment and his new crazy adventures. Kjetil is known for doing things his own way, not like everybody else. If he gets an idea he likes, he tries it out. And by doing that Kjetil has gotten a lot of new life experiences and even more new uportunities in his life. 

Kjetil is also a former ballroom dancer, and was a Norwegian champion in his class when he was younger. He has also done musicals and shows and has tried out ballet, jazz, singing and more. He likes to think that because of social media, he is living his youth dream to the fullest. 

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